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Critical Issues
*I have found a content issue in my textbook, within a CD/DVD, or within an online digital product.
*I need a refund for an item that I purchased.
*I tried registering my access code, but it says it is invalid or already used.
Accessing and Paying for an Aplia Course
Aplia - Brief Instructor User Guide
Aplia - Brief Student User Guide
Aplia - Digital Course Support Site
Aplia - Instructor Quick Start Guide
Aplia - ISP Instructor User Guide
Aplia - Session Timeout
Aplia - Student Quick Start Guide
Aplia - Understanding the New Student Registration Process (Instructor)
Aplia System Requirements
Becoming Familar with Aplia (Students)
Can I check my scores on graded Aplia assignments?
Can I modify the content in a course?
Can I print my problem sets/chapter assignments?
Can I see a student's activity within Aplia?
Can I try to do an assignment after the deadline has passed?
Do I need to download Adobe Flash Player?
How can I enroll in a second Aplia course?
How can I withdraw from my course?
How do I adopt Aplia for my students?
How do I extend a due date for a student?
How do I sign in for the first time? (Instructor)
How do I sign in for the first time? (Student)
I accidentally submitted a blank page of questions. What should I do?
I can't find my course key. Where is it?
I can't find one of my assignments. Where is it?
I registered for the wrong course. What should I do?
I think my grade on an Aplia assignment is incorrect. Can you change it?
I think there is a mistake in my Aplia assignment. Can you help?
I use a Mac and am unable to enter a numeric value in my assignment. What should I do?
I'm having trouble with Internet Explorer. What should I do?
Is Aplia accessible to students with disabilities?
My Aplia Payment Code/Access Code is not working. Can you help?
My page isn't loading properly. What should I do?
What do I do when I have a Technical - Port 2222 (failed config test) error?
What do I do when I'm unable to load my assignments?
What if my students require technical support? What if I need help?
What is the difference between practice assignments and graded assignments?

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