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Critical Issues
SAM 2010 Training Issue
I need a refund for an item that I purchased.
I tried registering my access code, but it says it is invalid or already used.
I have found a content issue in my textbook, within a CD/DVD, or within an online digital product.
SAM - LMS Integration Guide
SAM - Brief Instructor User Guide
SAM: Instructor - Creating a Training
SAM: Instructor - Creating Custom Questions
SAM: Instructor - Projects
SAM: Instructor - Submit Results
SAM: Instructor - Copying a Course Section
SAM: Instructor - Creating New Course Sections
SAM: Instructor - Creating an Exam
SAM: Instructor - Getting Started
SAM: Instructor - Score Normalization
SAM: Instructor - Drop Box
SAM: Instructor - Importing Users
SAM: Instructor - Scheduling Assignments
SAM: Instructor - User Management
SAM: Student - Accessing the Readings
SAM: Student - Completing a SAM Project
SAM: Student - Completing a SAM Training
SAM: Student - Getting Started
SAM: Student - Taking a SAM Exam
SAM: Student - Taking a SAM Path
SAM: Instructor - Generating Reports
SAM: Digital Course Support Page
SAM: Student - Calendar View
SAM: Instructor - Gradebook
SAM: Instructor - Scheduling a SAM Path
SAM: Instructor - Creating Your Course in Blackboard
SAM: Instructor - SAM Project Features and Scheduling
SAM: Instructor - Creating a Course in Canvas
SAM - Lab Admin Guide
SAM - Can I get training credit in one section for training items I completed in a different section?
SAM - Can I resume an assignment in SAM?
SAM - How can I change a students grade?
SAM - How can I check my version of Adobe Flash Player?
SAM - How Can I Email My Reports to My Instructor?
SAM - How can I specify a password for an assignment?
SAM - How can I specify when an assignment is available?
SAM - How can I tell if my results were recorded?
SAM - How do I add a new key code to my account?
SAM - How do I change my account information?
SAM - How do I create a new exam and/or training?
SAM - How do I create a new section?
SAM - How do I use a textbook with my class?
SAM - I forgot my SAM password.
SAM - I've joined the wrong section in SAM.
SAM - My account has been deactivated. How can I reactivate it?
SAM - User is not getting a task marked complete in training.
SAM Central
SAM - Comprehensive Instructor Guide
SAM - Student Brief User Guide
SAM – I purchased a SAM Access Key Code and registered it at my old school. However, I have since transferred. Can I move my iKey to my new school?
SAM – How can I get an iKey?
SAM - How do I generate a report in SAM?
SAM - What are the system requirements for SAM 2010 and 2013?

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