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Critical Issues
I need a refund for an item that I purchased.
Turnitin - The Turnitin site tells me that the code is invalid.
I have found a content issue in my textbook, within a CD/DVD, or within an online digital product.
Turnitin - I have a two semester Turnitin code. I have lost my code and need it to register for the second semester.
Turnitin - What is the web address for Turnitin?
Enhanced InSite - 10 Strategies to Avoid Plagiarism
Enhanced InSite - Avoiding Plagiarism Exercise
Enhanced InSite - Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism
Enhanced InSite - More Plagiarism Resources
Enhanced InSite - Plagiarism Experiences
Turnitin - I am trying to submit my paper to Turnitin, and I keep getting an invalid file type error. Whats wrong?
Turnitin - I am trying to register my Turnitin code, and it says that my email address is already in use. I have never used this product before.
Turnitin - How do I create an account in Turnitin and enroll in my instructor's class?
Turnitin - How can I purchase a pincode for Turnitin?
Turnitin - I lost my Turnitin paper submission receipt. Can I get it back?

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